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It’s always flattering when other people mention us in their articles. Browse through these publications to discover why people are talking about Touch Stay.


We put a whole lot of work into creating a superb product for our customers, and we’re so grateful when that’s recognised.


Supplier of the Year

2021 VRMA Excellence Awards


Best App or Website Solution

The Shortyz 2021


Guidebook and Guest App

VRMB Keystone Awards 2021


Champions of Mobile

Travolution Awards 2021


Best Product

PASC Business Awards 2021/22


Courage in Adversity

Shortlisted - The Shortyz 2021


Innovative Use of Technology

Shortlisted - The Altos 2021

“It would be impossible not to recognise this great product”

We’ve had simply hundreds of emails thanking us for introducing Touch Stay to PASC members through the newsletters. A common thread of these emails is the quality of service and support offered by Andy McNulty and Tyann Marcinck Hammond and how much the guests, using Touch Stay, really like it.

Alistair Handyside, PASC Executive Chair



For your inner bookworm – check out Touch Stay featured literature below!

The Book Direct Blueprint


Learn to run a successful short term rental business free from OTAs, with the multi-authored Book Direct Blueprint by Boostly. 'Discover your recipe for eternal guest loyalty' in Chapter 11, by Touch Stay.



Next Level Airbnb

Jill S. Riley

Learn how to manage your Airbnb properties worry-free and maximise your profits while minimising the effort with 50 essential strategies and tools to optimise your short term rental business. 




We are always appreciative of shout-outs and recognition – here are some below!

Sarah and T – The Professional Vacation Rental Manager’s Podcast – Episode 145

Thanks to Sandi Fisher of Cody Lodgings and to Brittany Blackman of Breathe Easy Rentals for both calling in to episode 145 of Sarah & T’s podcast VR Vendors You Can’t Live Without – Part 2 to give Touch Stay a shout out!

Sandi mentions how her team  thinks of  Touch Stay as a great tool for sharing with guests the best of what their community has to offer as well as information about the property, and how they’ve used it as a tool to promote their favourite activities, local hikes that only the locals know about, for example. They’ve also made it available on their website for anyone who wants to find out more about what’s available in the community, so feel it’s also a benefit to their community and partners they choose to promote. She also said they may look at more creative ways to use it in the future, much like other property managers have used it for owner information. And she signed of saying

we’ve just seen great customer service from them. And as we’re essentially a customer  service company, we really appreciate companies that share that value, and we really enjoy working with them.

Brittany talked about how helpful she found Touch Stay when she was starting out in the industry. For her, Touch Stay was like a virtual customer service assistant that was easy to use and affordable, and capable of answering all the guests’ question. She mentioned how love being able to provide information in lots of different formats – words, pictures and videos, especially those tricky appliance instructions. Brittany also thinks Touch Stay digital guidebooks are not just for guests: her team uses it internally, as a team training guide, and she’s used it for advocacy purposes too creating a short term rental playbook for local managers and owners.

12 people to follow in attractions, experiences, and tourism in 2023 – Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies

Kate has been a friend and colleague for many, many years. My favourite times with Kate are over a full English, coming up with creative ways to solve problems. Kate is the most meticulous and strategic, yet creative and forward thinking #travelPR expert you’ll meet.

Catherine Warrilow, Managing Director,


We love sharing our knowledge and ideas with industry friends. Why not listen to one of the episodes below!

Hoteliers Voice

Travel Market Life: Branson Family Retreats - Managing hospitality 100% remotely.

Tyann explains how she adopted remote digital management at all 55 rooms across 13 sites in Missouri!

Bombshell Business Podcast

Bombshell Business Podcast: Becoming the Reigning Queen of Guest Experience

Tyann shares how she drives direct bookings and captures guest testimonials!

Sarah and T

Sarah and T: VRMA International Conference Takeaways

Kate chats with Sarah and T about her VRMA Conference Takeaways.

Alex & Annie

Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals

Tyann chats changing the game for vacation rental operators.

Sarah and T

Sarah and T: Sell your VRMA Session to Us!

Listen in as 8 presenters share why attendees should come to their session at the VRMA International Conference!

Behind the Stays

Behind the Stays: How Tyann Marcink Builds Regional Vacation Rental Brands

Tyann gives her hot take on the future of the hospitality industry.

Experience This!

Experience This! Stockouts, Silences, and Storytelling

Tyann discusses all things Touch Stay, plus her Marthasville, Missouri rental, The Bank Hause.

Elevate your bookings

Elevate Your Bookings: Maximizing The Visual Guest Experience

Tyann talks about how good photography entices guests to your rental property.

Get paid for your pad

Get Paid For Your Pad: Airbnb Guest Communication Tips for 2022

Andy discusses how short term rental hosts can up their guest communication game.

Local Legends

Local Legends: Tyann Marcink Hammond

Tyann chats about how her own vacation rental properties bring families together.

Living Off Rentals

Living Off Rentals: How to Massively Increase Efficiency In Your VRB

Andy & Tyann discuss how Touch Stay supports more efficient guest communications.

The Business of Glamping

The Glamping Business Podcast: The Human Touch

Andy discusses striking the balance between efficient automation & the human touch.

Vacation Rental Success

Vacation Rental Success: Mastering the Vacation Rental Guest Experience

Andy chats to Heather Bayer about mastering the guest experience.


The 11 Best Vacation Rental Podcasts of All Time

Our own podcast, The Guest Cast, recently made it onto bCast's list of the best vacation rental podcasts of all time!

See list
Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 2.24.47 pm

Hospitable Hosts: with Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies

Touch Stay's CMO discusses the positive implications of using a digital welcome book.

Digital welcome book

Short Term Rental Management

Tyann joins Luke Carl to chat about third party management and digital guidebooks.

digital guidebook podcast

STR Hub: Master the art of guest communication

Tyann discusses valuable insights from our 2023 Guest Communication Study

Heads In Beds Podcast

Heads In Beds: A Guidebook is MARKETING For Your Vacation Rentals

Conrad and Paul dive into Touch Stay digital guidebooks and discuss what they can do for your marketing.

No Vacancy Podcast with Natalie Palmer

No Vacancy The Podcast with Natalie Palmer

Tyann and Natalie discuss how hosts can use the five senses and love languages to elevate the guest experience.

ibookedonline podcast

The Accommodation Show by iBooked.Online

Tyann joins Bart Sobies to discuss how to increase revenue for your accommodation business through guest communication.

Holiday Cottage Handbook

Holiday Cottage Handbook

Tyann joins host James Varley to cover guest expectations, communication, increasing upsells and better reviews.


Speaker & panel appearances

We’ll always seize an opportunity to connect with other industry pros at panels and conferences.

Marketing for Direct Booking

Kate has made several panel appearances, discussing the importance of implementing marketing and communication strategies for your direct booking site. These include:

  • Short Stay Summit 2022

  • VITUR Summit 2022

  • The Avantio Partnership 2022

  • Direct Booking Success Summit 2022

  • Rental Scale Up Conference, June 2023


Magic Fairy Dust

Tyann has gone global with The Magic Fairy Dust of Guest Communication & Loyalty. She’s presented at:

  • Direct Booking Success Summit 2022

  • VRMA International 2022

  • VRMA International 2021

  • Vacation Rental Women’s Summit 2021

  • Short Stay Week 2021

  • NWVRP Annual Conference 2021


Communication: The Key to Enhanced Guest Experience

Tyann and Kate spoke at the Vacation Rental World Summit (VRWS) 2023, using data from our Guest Communication Study to emphasise the critical role of guest interaction in boosting revenue and reviews.

Touch Stay at VRWS 2023

Who’s on First: Guest Experience or Guest Communication

Not one to rest on her laurels, Tyann has also developed a brand new conference session. So far, she’s taken it to:

  • NWVRP Annual Conference 2022


The Triple Bottom Line

Andy and Tyann have discussed the triple layer benefits of social, environmental, and financial sustainability at:

  • VRMA International 2021

  • Short Stay Week 2021


West Country Tourism Conference

Andy was invited as a guest speaker at the 2024 West Country Tourism Conference, where he gave his unique perspective on the industry’s evolving landscape.

West Country Tourism Conference 2024

Tech and the Future of Short Term Rentals

Kate spoke about the role of technology in powering short term rentals into the future at:

  • Short Stay Summit 2021


Not to mention…

Tyann has shared her expertise on everything from guest experience, to branding, to guest communications, at:

  • ALP Virtual Summit 2021

  • ALP St. Augustine Regional Meeting 2021

  • Data and Revenue Management Conference 2021 (also featured a Touch Stay guidebook as their event guide!)

  • FVRMA 2021

  • VRMA 2022

  • VR Nation 2024


Video features

Check out these industry friends who have featured us in their product recommendations.

Skip to 08:26 to hear how Touch Stay helps Bill Faeth manage his properties.

Andy chatted to Deborah Labi, a.k.a The Guest Innspector, about how Touch Stay supports vacation rental pros

Kyle Stanley, a.k.a The Fearless Investor, is joined by our very own Tyann to discuss how to streamline your guest experience with Touch Stay’s Guidebooks.

Dustin Baker explains how to stand out from the competition, and how Touch Stay Digital Guidebooks can be used as an extension of your vacation rental branding.

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