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Mastering the Airbnb hustle: automate your way to Superhost status

Juggling Airbnb bookings while holding down a day job? You're not alone. Many aspiring hosts dream of turning their rental into a thriving side hustle, but managing everything manually can quickly become overwhelming. Spreadsheets can get messy, communication gets clunky, and precious time slips away.

But fear not, fellow hustlers! The new Touch Stay x Airbnb integration is here to save the day by automating and simplifying guest communication, freeing you up to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional guest experiences that earn you those coveted 5-star reviews and propel you towards Superhost status.

Forget juggling acts, embrace automation

Let's face it, if you’re managing 1-5 listings, a full-blown PMS might be overkill. But that doesn't mean you can't upgrade your Airbnb game. Say goodbye to manually planning your guest comms and crafting individual messages. The Touch Stay x Airbnb integration solves this conundrum by streamlining your entire hosting experience. Imagine this:

  • No more manual booking syncs: the integration automatically matches your Airbnb listings and bookings to the relevant guidebook, eliminating tedious data entry and reducing room for error.

  • Pre-written, personalised messages: choose from three templates (automatically populated with guest/host names and a personal, trackable guidebook link), set when you want them sent, and let Touch Stay handle the scheduling and sending via Airbnb’s message inbox.

  • Goodbye communication chaos: put all the info your guests need in one place (your digital guidebook) and share it seamlessly with them via the Airbnb inbox. 

Boom! Instant time saver, happy guests.

Touch Stay Airbnb Integration

From basics to wow: elevate your guest communication

Touch Stay goes beyond just getting the job done; it helps you impress your guests from the very first interaction. The Touch Stay x Airbnb integration lets you proactively set the stage for a smooth and enjoyable stay:

  • Personalised check-in messages: send automated messages that include your guidebook link and a friendly welcome

  • Proactive guest support: address any potential questions before they arise by including FAQs and local recommendations in your guidebook.

  • Level up with SMS: take guest communication to the next level with optional SMS text messages: 
    - Point to your guidebook's Local Area Guide to suggest local restaurants or activities based on your guests' interests. 
    - Let guests get ahead of the weather with localised Weather and Tide updates in real time.

Touch Stay Airbnb Integration

But wait, there's more! Get creative with your guest communications and wow your guests with Touch Stay's unique features:

  • Interactive experiences: include virtual 3D tours, curated Spotify playlists, or even promote upsells through Touch Stay's Custom Elements, encouraging engagement and exceeding expectations.

  • Fuel your success: get ahead of any snags during the first moments of their stay with First Impressions to ensure that 5-star review at check-out.

Every thoughtful touch adds up to exceptional guest experiences that keep them coming back for more. And you can surface these using the SMS feature of Memo and the guest phone number provided by Airbnb. Weave some text messages into the communications you send to guests between booking and arrival to really deliver personal, human service (yet automating it all too).

For more help planning your guest communication flow, download our free guest communication planner.

Beyond the stay: fostering loyalty and repeat bookings

The journey doesn't end with check-out. You can continue to use the integration to communicate with guests beyond check-out or build in features like Touch Stay's Email Capture to extend the relationship well into the future. If  building a direct booking strategy, that’s OTA-fee free, is on your side hustle expansion radar, then you’ll want to collect guest emails in a friendly, non-intrusive way and nurture lasting relationships. 

Send personalised post-stay messages, express gratitude, keep old guests in the loop with news about your place and location, and offer discounts for future stays or incentives for recommending friends. Remember, repeat guests are the backbone of a thriving Airbnb business.

Touch Stay Airbnb Integration

Touch Stay isn't just a communication tool; it's your secret weapon for:

  • Saving time and streamlining operations: automate repetitive tasks, spend less time managing, and more time focusing on guests and scaling your business.

  • Delivering exceptional guest experiences: go beyond the basics with personalised communication, proactive support, and unique features that wow your guests.

  • Building lasting relationships: foster loyalty and encourage repeat bookings through personalised post-stay interactions and special offers.

Ready to ditch the spreadsheets, embrace automation, and unlock Superhost success? Connect your Touch Stay and Airbnb accounts in just a few clicks. Start simplifying your hosting journey today and watch your Airbnb hustle transform into a thriving reality!

Connect your Touch Stay and Airbnb accounts today