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5 awesome event brochure examples

When it comes to planning and promoting events, there is one resource that plays a crucial role; the humble brochure. These compact marketing resources provide attendees with a glimpse of what awaits them at your sensational event and urge them to get involved. 

While print brochures may be considered outdated, you can still reap all the benefits by utilising digital brochures for your next event. In this guide, we present 5 event brochure examples that showcase just how effective this marketing medium can be. 

First, we explain what a digital brochure is, how you can create one, and the benefits of using digital brochures for promoting your event. We then dive into some event brochure examples, detailing why they are effective and what elements you can take forward for your own design. 

So if you’ve been wondering how to level up your digital marketing campaigns and want to create bespoke, eye-catching online brochures, this is the guide for you. 

What is an online brochure?

An online brochure, sometimes referred to as a digital brochure, is a virtual representation of a traditional printed brochure that can be used for promotion and marketing purposes. 

It allows businesses and organisations to share critical information about a product or event in an easily accessible format. 

The benefit of an online brochure compared to a physical print is that they are much more shareable and the interactive nature of a digital brochure is more likely to drive engagement and attendance for your event.  

How to make a digital brochure for an event

When you begin creating a brochure, you first need to identify the key details and information that your customers and attendees need to know. This will form the skeleton of your brochure and its content, so it’s a good place to start before diving into the design elements. 

For some ideas about the kind of information that you should start with:

  • The name of your event 
  • A description of the event
  • Clear event details - date, time, location, etc.
  • Contact information

Now that you have the necessary details you can think about the content that you want to include in your brochure that will entice customers to come to your event. A good way to do this is with profiles about any speakers or performers who will be attending, a timeline or programme for your event as well as a personal introduction from your company. This will give the reader a much better sense of your event and your brand, which makes the experience more personal. 

Once you have the key information and content for your brochure, you can start getting creative and working on the design. There are a variety of free brochure templates available online that you can use to start working up a cracking resource. You’ll want to include eye-catching imagery that is simple but fits the style of your event, such as pictures from previous events, company branding, and photos of speakers who will be attending. 

It is also good to ensure that the font and typeface are easy to read. Avoid flowery, cursive fonts which might confuse a reader and keep your text a good size. 

You should also make use of headings and subheadings to structure the content of your digital brochure and help guide the reader. We also suggest using a different font or colour for your Call to Action, as this will draw the reader's attention and make them more likely to attend your event. 

Check out our blog to learn how to create an online event brochure.


What are the benefits of a digital event brochure?

With the basics of creating a digital brochure covered, it is important that you also understand the benefits of online brochures. In essence, a digital event brochure has a much wider reach and can be a great resource alongside other marketing campaigns. They are highly customisable and adaptable, making them much more cost-effective and efficient compared to other digital marketing methods. 

We expand upon the benefits of online event brochures below. 

Increased accessibility 

Digital event brochures allow you to reach a much wider audience as they are easily shared online via social media and email campaigns. You can also make them available to download from your company website or embed them into other resources, giving you a much greater reach than a print brochure. 


Using an online format to create and distribute your event brochure is much more affordable and can help reduce promotion costs. The fees associated with printing and dispensing your brochure are entirely removed and you can update your design effortlessly, as often as you’d like. 


Online brochures can be easily updated with new information and personalised to your own needs and branding. You can even update existing digital brochures to target a different audience and widen the scope of your marketing campaign. Being able to update your brochure based on feedback from your customers and stakeholders allows you to stay ahead of the competition and ensure the longevity of your digital brochure.


You can include interactive elements in your event brochure design, which will make it stand out and engage the reader much more successfully than a traditional print brochure. These elements can take the form of clickable links, embedded videos and maps, among other features. It offers a more immersive experience for your target audience and conveys key information about your event in an exciting, dynamic way.


With digital brochures, you can gain much more insight into the behaviour of your target audience and how effective the resource is for your event campaign. You can track which sections of your brochure receive the most impressions and see which sections of content are performing well. This gives you valuable information about your target customers so you can improve your design and messaging to better appeal to them. 

5 event brochure examples to inspire your design

Now that you have a more comprehensive understanding of how to create a digital brochure and its associated benefits, it’s worth looking at some examples that showcase the strengths of this marketing resource. We have collected 5 event brochure examples highlighting the effectiveness and dynamic nature of a digital format, so you can see just how vital they can be. 

The following digital marketing brochures include the key elements that we previously discussed which will help you understand how to put these into practice. Likewise, they convey the important information that the reader needs in order to feel intrigued or excited about the specific event or topic. Plus, they each capture the branding and tone of the event, giving you an idea of how you can be concise whilst still being creative. 

The Drum: APAC trends briefing brochure - Foleon 

Our first example of a brochure that is perfect for an event is this programme for The Drum: APAC trends briefing. It was created using Foleon, a digital content creation platform that specialises in dynamic digital resources. The design stands out with its professional style and has a good understanding of its target audience. 

Within the digital brochure, users are presented with an interactive experience that conveys the feeling of reading through a book. The key information, such as the agenda and guest speakers, has dedicated sections which allow for easy navigation throughout the brochure. Likewise, the inclusion of FAQs and ticket information allows users to find the information they need effectively, without having to wade through lots of images and text. 

The reason this is such a good example of an online event brochure is that the branding and design are clean and consistent. The event is targeted at working professionals and the brochure can capture their attention whilst remaining vibrant and eye-catching. What’s more, the digital brochure has since been updated as the event has passed, which showcases how easy it is to edit your online event brochure once it has been created. 

Music event template - Canva 

Canva is a widely used visual editing software with an extensive library of user-created templates that you can customise to your brand and tone of voice. Within the library, there is a plethora of brochure layouts which you can use to make a bespoke resource and you can take advantage of the free elements and tools which can improve your brochure’s design. Most of these features are entirely free, making Canva a great choice for independent or smaller businesses. 

This music event brochure template is a stellar example of a sleek digital brochure that you can use as part of your promotional strategy. The design incorporates a bi-fold format, with different information dispersed across the sections of the brochure. The outer cover is very simple but includes contact information, allowing the internal sections to be dedicated to specifics of the event, such as facilities and special guests. 

This event brochure example is notable for its use of white space. Rather than trying to fill up the sections with copy and imagery, the design is perfectly simplistic and allows the reader to digest the critical details of the event. Likewise, important aspects such as the facilities and call to action are highlighted in blue, making them stand out in the design and draw the reader's attention.  

Mobile event microsite - Genially

Our next event brochure example is a template from Genially, an interactive content service. The event brochure is designed as a microsite, where all the information is condensed and presented within a digital format similar to a website. This highlights the sharable nature of digital brochures which can be sent to customers and audiences with a simple link. 

Like previous examples, the digital brochure makes good use of negative space, so the design feels streamlined without looking empty. This example really shines due to its interactive features. While navigating through the content, users can bring up images in a larger window, there are buttons which lead you to the event schedule and almost every asset on the page is clickable.  

This gives the user a much more dynamic experience than just reading through static copy. Plus, contact information is available via noticeable social media icons which makes the design feel more current and is easy on the eyes. The use of different colours is also prevalent for the CTA, where the ‘Sign Up’ button is a dark blue that perfectly contrasts with the rest of the palette and stands out on the page. 

Battle of the bands brochure - Dribbble

There are some excellent brochure templates on Dribbble that are perfect for businesses looking to stand above their competitors. This brochure example was created for a Battle of the Bands charity event in North Carolina. While the brochure itself is physical in nature, it captures some of the key elements that make for a successful digital event brochure. 

The key information about the event is clearly stated and highly visible, making the brochure easy to read and allowing users to synthesise the necessary details from just one page alone. The event brochure also includes a helpful map to indicate the venue. In a digital format, this could be interactive and highlight nearby landmarks which will further help attendees find the location. 

While the information in this event brochure is excellent, the design feels somewhat lacking. The white text is hard to decipher on an orange background, but this was likely to make the brochure align with the event branding. Likewise, there aren’t many images or visual elements that will create a sense of excitement in the reader, which is worth noting when you mock up your own design.   

Digital event guides - Touch Stay 

At Touch Stay, our bespoke digital event guides can be tailored to your specific needs and are suitable for use as digital brochures. 

We have a brilliant event brochure example with our VTIC 2023 Vision Summit Guide. The event guide was designed for the Victoria Tourism Industry Council and showcases the unique features that Touch Stay can bring to your online brochure. The simple design expertly captures the branding of VTIC and the collapsable sections make the guide very easy for readers to digest. 

The guide includes all the key features of a top digital brochure, like a full program of the summit, profiles for individual speakers and panellists as well as a full list of affiliated partners. There are also links available that take users to FAQs and photos of the event, providing a much more interactive experience. As a digital brochure, it perfectly conveys the critical information for the event and allows users to focus on the details that appeal to them, which in turn makes the brochure feel like a personal guidebook.  

What truly makes Touch Stay digital brochures stand out are the interactive search and map features. You’ll notice that the guide includes a map that highlights the event venue as well as nearby parking, allowing attendees to plan for their journey. Likewise, the brochure also includes a search function which allows users to find specific details without having to crawl through the entire brochure, emphasising the user-friendly nature of Touch Stay’s guides and online event brochures. 


Digital event brochures are a brilliant marketing tool that is the backbone of any good event campaign. They provide your customers and potential attendees with all the crucial information in an aesthetic and interactive format, which is inherently shareable. With reduced costs, greater adaptability and easy accessibility, a digital brochure is the perfect solution for your event promotion.

Touch Stay offers digital guidebooks which can be formatted as event brochures that stand out with their interactive and engaging features. Our guidebooks are easily customised, meaning you can let your brand and personality shine through in a user-friendly and well-organised brochure. 

Start your free trial now to discover how you can create online event brochures that will level up your promotion efforts and take your marketing strategy to new heights.