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How to create the perfect Airbnb guest book

Crafting a phenomenal Airbnb guest book isn't just about Wi-Fi passwords and house rules. It's the first impression your guests receive, setting the tone for their entire stay. This guide offers a wealth of information to transform your welcome book into a valuable resource that wows your guests.

Why a stellar Airbnb guest book matters

While optimising your listing is crucial, don't underestimate the power of a well-crafted Airbnb guest book. It's an extension of your hospitality, fostering a sense of welcome and providing valuable resources that make their stay smoother and more enjoyable. Positive interactions with a helpful and knowledgeable host can significantly impact a guest's experience.

A stellar Airbnb guest book can be that initial touchpoint, leading to glowing reviews, repeat bookings, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations – all factors that contribute to long-term success on Airbnb.

The power of digital vs traditional

While traditional guest books hold a certain charm, digital alternatives offer a wealth of advantages for both you and your guests. Here's how a digital guest book can elevate the experience:

  • Accessibility: a digital guest book allows access to information anytime, anywhere, even before they arrive.
  • Engaging design: a digital Airbnb guest book allows for a visually appealing format with photos, videos, and interactive elements.
  • Environmentally friendly: go paperless! A digital guest book reduces waste and keeps information readily available for updates.

The benefits of a digital Airbnb guest book

Embracing a digital format for your Airbnb guest book unlocks a world of opportunities to enhance guest engagement and satisfaction. Some facts to consider:

  • A remarkable 90% of guests read digital guest books - a testament to their effectiveness.

  • A survey conducted by Touch Stay revealed that a staggering 74% of respondents prefer accessing Airbnb guest books digitally. By providing this digital option, you're aligning with your guests' desires for convenient, readily available information at their fingertips.

  • Guests don't just skim through the content; they read it multiple times, with an average reading duration of four minutes per session. This high level of engagement can be attributed to the beautiful design and easy accessibility of digital Airbnb guest books, which cater to the modern traveller's preferences.

  • Digital Airbnb guest books streamline the content management process, especially for hosts with multiple properties. With solutions like Touch Stay, you can update information once, and it's automatically reflected across all your properties, saving valuable time and effort.

Think ‘guest experience guide,’ not rulebook

Ditch the dry instructions! Aim for a user-friendly and engaging format packed with valuable content. Here's how to achieve that:

Essential information

Provide practical details to help guests feel secure and settled as soon as they arrive, such as: 

  • House rules
  • Operating instructions for amenities like hot tubs or thermostats, and Wi-Fi passwords
  • Emergency contacts
  • Transportation options
  • Locations of nearby amenities (grocery stores, pharmacies, ATMs)
  • Check-in/check-out times

Airbnb guest book

Local gems and hidden gems

Be your guests' personal guide! Showcase hidden restaurants, unique shops, and off-the-beaten-path attractions. Highlight local favourites and leverage your insiders knowledge to share secret spots you wouldn't find in a typical guidebook:

  • Trendy coffee shops
  • Unique bars and restaurants 
  • Quirky museums
  • Scenic overlooks
  • Quiet beaches and snorkelling coves only the locals know about

Visual appeal

Incorporate high-quality photos and videos throughout your Airbnb guest book to showcase your property, as well as the surrounding natural beauty. These visual elements will encourage guests to explore the best your city has to offer. Include:

  • Landscape shots
  • Local landmarks and tourist attractions
  • Your property's amenities
  • Local wildlife

Collaborate with local photographers or capture your own breathtaking shots to showcase the area’s natural wonders.

Airbnb guest book

Special offers and exclusive deals

Go the extra mile for your guests by creating win-win partnerships with local businesses. Here's how you can leverage these collaborations to offer exclusive deals and elevate the guest experience:

  • Curate exclusive experiences: negotiate special offers or discounts with local tour operators, bars, and restaurants. This allows you to create unique packages or itineraries for your guests, catering to their interests.
  • Offer personalised perks: develop discount codes or promotions that not only save guests money but also highlight local attractions relevant to their stay. Imagine providing a "foodie package" with discounts at trendy restaurants, or an "adventure package" with deals on local tours.

Craft engaging guest book content

To keep your guests engaged and informed, consider these strategies for crafting dynamic content:

  • Tailor it to your audience: consider the demographics of your typical guest and tailor content accordingly. Are you attracting families? Include recommendations for child-friendly restaurants and attractions. Do you cater to business travellers? Highlight co-working spaces and cafes with strong Wi-Fi.
  • Seasonal twists: update your content seasonally. For summer guests, suggest hiking trails or outdoor cafes. Winter visitors might appreciate recommendations for cosy pubs or festive events happening in town.
  • Interactive elements: think beyond static text. Include QR codes that link to local restaurant menus, online reservation systems for tours, or even playlists featuring local music.
  • Personalise it: add a welcome message with your guests' names and a touch of local flavour.

Create an accessible Airbnb guest book

Convenience and accessibility are key to a positive guest experience. Here's how your can leverage your digital Airbnb guest book to empower your guests throughout their journey:

  • Offer a user-friendly online guest book: this allows guests to leave feedback and reviews easily, regardless of their location.
  • Create a comprehensive online information hub: provide access to essential details, as well as restaurant and activity recommendations to facilitate easy trip planning.
  • Ensure mobile-friendliness: make sure all your online resources are optimised for mobile devices. This allows guests to easily access information on the go, enhancing their exploration and overall experience.

Crafting a winning Airbnb guest book made easy

Touch Stay digital Airbnb guest books can streamline the process, offering features like:

  • Pre-built templates: save time with pre-populated content you can customise.
  • Easy updates: effortlessly update information across all your listings in one place.
  • Analytics: gain insights into how guests are using your digital Airbnb guest book to further improve their experience.

By following these tips and leveraging the power of Touch Stay, you can create a guest book that sets your Airbnb apart and leaves a lasting positive impression. Remember, it's about exceeding guest expectations and fostering a sense of connection from the moment they book their stay.

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