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Touch Stay summer product update

Summer is here, and the Touch Stay team has been hard at work cooking up some fantastic new enhancements for your digital guidebooks. Get ready to streamline operations and elevate your guest experience with these exciting updates…

Manage more of your business with Touch Stay: a central hub for all of your operations

No longer just for managing your guests, you can now handle multiple business processes in Touch Stay with a range of guidebook templates. This means no more juggling multiple logins and lots of different tools – everything can now be managed from one convenient place.

Whether you're managing guest communication, coordinating cleaning crews, managing property owners, onboarding new employees or running an event, our flexible templates have got you covered.

Streamline your operations

  • Choose from our growing range of customisable templates or create your own 
  • Manage everything from one account  & assign different users to each template
  • Automatically trigger messages flows to whoever you need to communicate with

Whatever you want to get done, there's a solution to fit your unique business needs and help you scale.

Join our free webinar on July 10th to learn how you can manage more of your business with our new guide templates!

Enhanced navigation with new left-hand sidebar

With so many features added to Touch Stay in the past year, we've revamped the navigation layout to make it easier for you to manage your guides and explore all the time-saving tools that help you build and manage your guides more efficiently.

Untitled design


New search function

You can now search your Content Hub just like your guests can search your guidebooks to find specific content. Quickly find exactly what you're looking for without wasting a moment trying to remember which Category, Subcategory or Topic you put it in! 

  • Forgotten which Category you added that great café to?
  • Need to update the Wi-Fi password but can’t remember where you put it?
  • Can’t find where you added the Email Capture Topic?

Search in Content Hub

New PMS integrations

We're excited to announce new Touch Stay integrations with Hospitable and HomHero!

  • Hospitable x Touch Stay 

Hospitable users can now easily connect their account with Touch Stay in just a few clicks to unlock a host of time-saving features and enhance your guest experience.

  • Automatically import Hospitable properties and match them to your guides
  • Sync booking info to populate your Touch Stay guides with property details from Hospitable
  • Automatically share a unique, trackable guide link for every booking via Hospitable’s unified inbox

This streamlined workflow eliminates manual tasks, ensures accurate information for each booking, and simplifies guest communication so you can focus on providing exceptional hospitality.Hospitable custom fields-1

  • HomHero x Touch Stay

For those using HomHero, our new beta integration lets you connect your Touch Stay account to seamlessly import property and reservation data into your guides, making it easier than ever to share personalised content with your guests.

Additionally, you can effortlessly share trackable links to your guidebooks through the HomHero unified inbox, enhancing communication and ensuring your guests have all the information they need for a seamless stay.Homhero

The Touch Stay x HoHero integration is still in beta, so please email us to join.

Personalised guidebook links for a professional touch

We understand the importance of brand consistency and creating a seamless guest experience. That's why we've introduced customisable guidebook links! 

Now, you can personalise your Touch Stay guide links to align with your own website's domain. By making a few simple tweaks to your DNS settings, you can ensure that all shared links, including Quick Share Links, QR codes and Invitation Links sent through Memo or integrations will use your custom subdomain instead of the standard

This subtle yet impactful customisation will help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


We hope these product updates bring a refreshing breeze to your hosting experience. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to enhance Touch Stay throughout the year!

Log in now to explore the new updates, or sign up to try Touch Stay free for 14 days!