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What to include in your Airbnb welcome letter


First impressions matter, and in the world of Airbnb hosting, your welcome letter is your chance to make a great one. It's more than just a formality; your Airbnb welcome letter is the digital handshake that sets the tone for your guests' entire stay. But what if you could streamline the process, reduce unnecessary questions, and still deliver a warm and informative welcome?

That's where Touch Stay comes in! Our innovative digital guidebooks offer a comprehensive solution for Airbnb hosts, and a well-crafted welcome letter is a key piece of the puzzle. This guide will help you create a winning Airbnb welcome letter that enhances the guest experience from the moment they book.

Key elements of a winning Airbnb welcome letter: setting the stage

A well-structured Airbnb welcome letter, working in tandem with your Touch Stay digital guidebook, can significantly reduce guest inquiries and ensure a smooth arrival.

  • Personalise the greeting: start strong by addressing guests by name and expressing your gratitude for choosing your Airbnb. A simple sentence like "Dear [guest name/s], Welcome to [your city]!" sets a friendly tone.
  • Highlight Touch Stay: briefly introduce your Touch Stay guidebook and explain its purpose. Mention key features like interactive maps, appliance guides, and house rules, emphasising how it will answer many of their questions throughout their stay.
  • Provide your contact information: include your phone number and email address for any urgent questions or concerns that might not be addressed in the Touch Stay guidebook.

By incorporating these elements, you're laying the foundation for a stress-free arrival experience. Guests will feel welcome and informed, knowing they have a resource at their fingertips should any questions arise.

Touch Stay complements your Airbnb welcome letter: a winning combination

While your Airbnb welcome letter provides a warm introduction, your Touch Stay guidebook takes the guest experience a step further. Think of it as an extension of your hospitality, offering detailed information and valuable tips at their convenience.

Reduce repetitive questions

The comprehensive nature of your Touch Stay guidebook minimises repetitive questions about Wi-Fi passwords, check-in/out instructions, appliance instructions, or house rules. This frees you up to focus on providing exceptional service and addressing any unique needs your guests may have.

Be their local area expert: unveiling the hidden gems

Elevate your guests' experience by showcasing your local knowledge and going beyond the basics. This section allows you to play the role of a local guide and recommend hidden gems they might miss otherwise.

  • Nearby attractions: recommend interesting restaurants, cafes, shops, or must-see sights in the area. Consider including a variety of options to cater to different interests and budgets.
  • Hidden gems: go beyond the mainstream tourist spots and suggest unique local experiences or hidden treasures. This could be a charming local bookstore, a quirky museum, or a scenic walking trail most tourists wouldn't know about.
  • Transportation tips: briefly explain public transportation options or recommend ride-sharing services if applicable. Providing clear information on how to get around empowers your guests to explore the area independently.

By adding these, you're transforming your role from simply a host to a local resource, helping your guests discover the hidden delights and create lasting memories during their stay. 

Find out more about how to create the perfect local area guide.

Formatting for success: a clear and concise Airbnb welcome letter

While brevity is key, your welcome letter should still be informative and engaging.

  • Keep it short and sweet: aim for a one-page letter to avoid overwhelming guests with information.
  • Maintain a welcoming tone: use a friendly and approachable voice throughout the letter.
  • Consider visual appeal: a touch of personality with a relevant image can enhance the overall look and feel.

Remember, your Airbnb welcome letter works best when paired with your Touch Stay guidebook. This powerful combination sets the stage for a fantastic guest experience, ensuring your Airbnb rental stands out from the crowd.

Personalise and delight: going the extra mile

A well-crafted Airbnb welcome letter can do more than just provide information; it can set the tone for a truly delightful guest experience. Here are some ways to personalise your message and add a touch of hospitality:

  • Welcome basket suggestion: briefly mention the possibility of including a welcome basket with local treats or drinks. This small gesture shows you've put extra thought into their comfort and creates a positive first impression.
    Top tip: you can connect this to a suggestion in your Touch Stay guidebook for recommended local shops where they can find these treats, or to your own upsells section.
  • Highlight guest interests: if you have access to any guest information (through Airbnb messaging or their profile), personalise your welcome letter further. For example, if a family is visiting, mention child-friendly attractions listed in your Touch Stay guidebook. For solo travellers, suggest trendy local cafes or restaurants they might enjoy.

Touch Stay: your secret weapon for Superhost status

Using Touch Stay in conjunction with your personalised Airbnb welcome letter creates a powerful guest communication toolkit. Here's how Touch Stay elevates you to Superhost status:

  • Automated guest communication: Touch Stay can automatically send essential information to your guests before their arrival, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of hosting.
  • 24/7 guest support: your Touch Stay guidebook acts as a virtual concierge, providing answers to frequently asked questions any time of day. This reduces the burden on you while ensuring guests have the information they need whenever they need it.
  • Positive reviews and repeat guests: by providing a smooth, informative, and delightful guest experience, you're more likely to receive positive reviews and encourage repeat bookings. Touch Stay, combined with your personalised Airbnb welcome letter, is a winning formula for achieving Superhost status.

The Touch Stay advantage

Crafting a warm and informative Airbnb welcome letter is an essential part of Airbnb hosting. However, by leveraging a Touch Stay's digital guidebook, you can take your guest communication to the next level. Touch Stay streamlines the process, reduces repetitive questions, and empowers your guests with local knowledge at their fingertips. This winning combination sets the stage for exceptional guest experiences, positive reviews, and a thriving Airbnb rental business.