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Looking for some digital guidebook inspiration?

You’re in the right place! Get inspired with these stellar examples of guidebooks from real life Touch Stay users.



The sky’s the limit

We’ve sourced the cream of the crop so you can see how users are creating polished guidebooks that guests love and that take the weight off operators. Whatever business you run – holiday rental, B&B, even dive school – there’ll be something to inspire you!

See how others…

  • inject a personal touch

  • use photos & videos to their best advantage

  • structure information clearly

  • convey a depth of knowledge about the local area

  • craft a guidebook that’s accessible in multiple languages

Real Customer Guides

Just click any image to load that real guide. None of these lovely customers are coders or rocket scientists (that we know of!), they just used our easy software to make their own guide.

A guidebook template for everyone

We’re always amazed by the creativity that our customers show in their guidebooks, whether they’re guiding visitors through a short term rental, a campervan, or even an event! For a clearer idea about guidebooks for your specific audience:

  • click on the image to see the templates available

  • select the guidebook template that suits you best

  • get started digitising your guest information!


Empower yourself (and your guests!)

Take the easy route with Touch Stay: easy to set up, easy to share, easy to use! Recoup time for yourself and welcome independent, self-sufficient guests. A well-deserved break for everyone!

  • Start with our templates and edit to your heart’s content

  • Easily input practical info & local recommendations

  • Let your branding shine: add logos, colours and more

  • Available offline for every kind of adventure

  • Multiple language translation options – no guest left behind!

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