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digital guidebook

Your automated messaging assistant

Memo transforms how you connect with your customers. Share info and recommendations quickly, cut down on questions and benefit from time saved.

Schedule, personalise and automate your communication flow with Memo.

Simple set up

Create a comprehensive communication flow adapted to the needs of YOUR clients.

  • Edit our templates (or create your own!)

  • Set your messaging schedule

  • Personalise to each client

Memo templates webpage image

Use your words - or ours

Easily insert Touch Stay’s professionally written templates into your Memo messaging flow, or create a custom message for a new template all your own. Use Short Codes to pull data and personalise your messages with guest names, the name of the property and more.

Our templates anticipate the cornerstone moments when guests might want or need to hear from you, plus some extras along the way. So if you’re new to hosting and unsure what messages to send, don’t fret - we have your bases covered!

Send internal messages too

Memo is multi-functional! You can also use it to communicate with your team members. For example, you can set it to notify your housekeeping crew that a guest has checked out (or in). With many flexible options and use cases - too many to name here! - you can bring us your communication and workflow snags, and we’ll help you smooth them out with Memo.

Share the right info

Ensure clients get the info they need when they need it.

  • Trackable links to discover who has viewed your guide

  • Link to any guidebook section

  • Send email, text message, or both

Memo invite views

“Memo has made sending crucial info to guests effortless. Since using it, we’ve had ZERO issues with guests completing self check-in and seen a huge reduction of phone calls.”

Samuel Herbet, Masutes Group

Deepen relationships

Enhance the customer experience effortlessly with a comms flow that delights and exceeds expectations.

  • Automate feedback collection

  • Collect emails in a friendly way

  • Reinforce your brand, not someone else's

First Impressions

"Almost 60% of our guests are repeats, that's a testament to how well Memo helps us stay connected.”

Zoë Tashik, Brooks & Shorey Resorts

Sync with your PMS

Ensure your guide reaches guests, no matter where they book.

  • Send trackable guide links via your Airbnb or PMS inbox

  • Complement any existing emails with text messages to avoid spam filters

  • Stay in touch after departure to boost repeat bookings

Touch Stay Integrations on phone

Drive action for improved results

Get eyes-on important details or nice-to-haves.

  • Steer people to upsells and add-ons

  • Remind guests to complete self check-in

  • Nudge for reviews & feedback, effortlessly

Memo message for grocery upsell

See how it works

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use Memo

"The right communication makes it not just a holiday but an experience for our guests to make lasting memories. Memo helps us achieve that."

Dani Stein, Villa Uma Dewi

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