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Happy camping for you & your campers!

Gone are the days of late-night camper queries. Bring on breezy camper communications, and more time for you.

86% of Touch Stay users have already halved the time they spend managing campers. Why not join them?


Revive happy camping for yourself

Don’t lose sleep to dense instruction booklets and email-shy campers. Start communicating on your terms with an accessible, shiny digital guidebook! The only question that’ll keep you awake is trying to decide who loves it more – you, or your campers?!

  • Combine practical info + recommendations in one place

  • Easily update content online

  • Set camper expectations with pre-arrival access

  • Accessible offline, to suit off-grid adventures

  • Spotlight your brand: include your logo, fonts, colours, etc.

See what your campers will see

Take a sneak peak at the digital guidebook examples below from Touch Stay customers who are wowing their campers.

Adios print outs! Arrivederci PDFs! Hello Touch Stay. 😎

Fuel your campers’ excitement

Dial up your campers’ enthusiasm and show them exactly what they have to look forward to. Gone are the days of campers not bothering to check what they need to bring. Now – they’ll be fully prepared!

  • Share a link to your guidebook via automated emails/SMS

  • Add the link to any existing messaging you have

  • Use QR codes & deep links to direct guests to the juicy details


Keep track of every pitch

Worried you’ll have to spend hours inputting the same info for multiple pitches? Never fear! Our “Tags” system allows you to deploy content across multiple guidebooks at once, so you can get up and running ASAP.

  • Include a check-in template for all pitches

  • Add any common rules at once

  • Add a departure checklist to all

  • Customise individual pitches as needed

  • Add local recommendations to all pitches

Welcome to Touch Stay

Still have questions about how Touch Stay works?

Don’t worry! We’ve created a video to help you understand everything there is to know about Touch Stay digital guidebooks.


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