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A smoother employee onboarding journey

Forget the days of scattered paperwork, emails and overwhelming information.

Touch Stay's employee onboarding guidebook provides a compass for new hires, guiding them confidently through their first months.

This isn't a one-day affair; it's a strategic journey that sets the stage for success.

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Knowledge is power: building a strong foundation

Touch Stay's user-friendly platform centralises all employee onboarding materials. No more scrambling – everything is readily accessible, fostering a stress-free learning environment.

Updates are a breeze, ensuring everyone has the latest information. This clarity empowers new hires from the very beginning.

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  • New hires become productive team members quicker

  • Clear procedures lead to fewer mistakes and improved quality

  • Empowered employees feel valued and prepared

  • Standardised onboarding processes create consistency

  • Effortless information updates keep everyone in the know

Check out an example employee onboarding guidebook

Click to see how a Touch Stay guidebook can be used as an employee onboarding tool to effortlessly transform new hires into valued team members.

Create a smooth and successful employee onboarding experience with Touch Stay!

Revolutionise the onboarding journey with Memo

Simplify your employee onboarding process with our in-built messaging tool.

  • Create a schedule of prompts to encourage deep reading

  • Use QR codes & Deep Links to point people to details or updates quickly

  • Schedule regular prompts to intro newbies or remind people where to find what they need

Employee onboarding guidebook

An onboarding guidebook that reflects your company culture

Use your onboarding guidebook to engage new hires and nurture existing employees, promote knowledge retention and reduce the need for repetitive explanations.

All your employee onboarding needs are met with Touch Stay.

  • Customise content & layout to suit your needs

  • Build it on-brand using your logo, colours & tone of voice

  • Add media to aid learning: photos, videos, & diagrams

  • Link out to regulatory websites & company resources

  • Embed tests, forms or surveys to reinforce understanding or garner feedback

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