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The digital guidebook to absolutely anything!

Struggling to stay on top of your information sharing? Forgotten which cloud you saved that specific file in?

Restore some order to your day by depositing all your info in an adaptable, accessible digital guidebook app.


Reclaim your time and sanity!

Whatever your specialty – event organiser, school principal, employer, Airbnb host, you name it! – you’ve probably got a lot of information that you need to share with a lot of people. Bring some order to proceedings by using a Touch Stay digital guidebook to store and share your content in a smarter way!


Use cases to get you thinking


An Event

Whether you're running a corporate retreat, organising a college reunion, or launching a trade show, our event guide template will get attendees organised!


Your Wedding

On your big day you need things going without a hitch! Give your guests ideas on where to stay, what's on the menu, the gift list, and more!


Employee Manual

Whether you need an onboarding manual for new employees, or a handbook for existing employees, a Touch Stay guide helps standardise things!

digital guidebook

School Prospectus

Show off everything great about your school to prospective parents and students. Add videos of the facilities or link to your official inspection results.

digital travel guide

Digital Travel Guide

Give tourists instant access to everything an area has to offer. Touch Stay integrates with Google Maps - so no more uninspired visitors or undiscovered local businesses!

Got a unique use case in mind?

Hit us up with your idea by filling in the contact form. The answer will always be 'YES', none of this is hard, but as we grow the 'guide-to-anything' side of our business, we don't have a ready template for every use case, so we just need to step in with a little manual effort on our end to get you started!

Oh, in case you need a little more inspo, scroll down the page for some real life examples 🤔

Real life guidebook app inspiration

Take a glance at the guidebook examples below from Touch Stay customers who have created their own unique guides. Gone are the days of horrid PDFs and dull Google docs! Here comes Touch Stay. 😎

Find more time to do your thing

86% of our customers have halved the time they spend answering questions from their customers, clients and communities. Yep, you read that right! Remember every time you’ve wished there was an extra hour in your day? With Touch Stay, there can be!

  • Get started quickly with a template

  • Customise to your heart’s content

  • Share your guidebook link however you like

  • Use the built-in QR code in-person

  • Or even use our 'Memo' system to auto send


Show the world what you’re worth

Engage event attendees. Spark customers’ excitement. Help newcomers hit the ground running. Focus client priorities. Inspire a community into action. Whatever you’re doing, do it with Touch Stay by your side! An elegant, accessible guidebook app alternative.

  • Sleek, intuitive design

  • Works on all devices

  • Available offline for off-grid scenarios

  • Instant updates so users have the latest info

  • It's yours: your logo, colours, and content

  • Add video, map pins, links and more