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The digital guidebook to absolutely anything!

Struggling to stay on top of your information sharing? Forgotten which cloud you saved that specific file in?

Restore some order to your day by depositing all your info in an adaptable, accessible digital guidebook app.


Reclaim your time (and sanity!)

Whatever your specialty – event organiser, healthcare provider, employer, you name it! – you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Communications shouldn’t be another hurdle for you to jump. Let Touch Stay do the work with a versatile, engaging digital guidebook!

  • Support employees with an accessible training resource

  • Keep property owners updated with an automatically refreshing manual

  • Steer members through your health insurance plan

  • Instruct customers on the safe operation of new installations/systems

  • Guide attendees through your event with a glossy event app


Real life guidebook app inspiration

Take a glance at the guidebook examples below from Touch Stay customers who are already giving their users something to talk about. Gone are the days of lost links and buried PDFs! Here comes Touch Stay. 😎

Find more time to do your thing

86% of our customers have halved the time they spend answering questions from their customers, clients and communities. Yep, you read that right! Remember every time you’ve wished there was an extra hour in your day? With Touch Stay, there can be!

  • Get started quickly with a template & customise to your heart’s content

  • Share a link to your guidebook app via emails/SMS

  • Use QR codes & deep links to direct users to the juicy details


Show the world what you’re worth

Engage event attendees. Spark customers’ excitement. Help newcomers hit the ground running. Focus client priorities. Inspire a community into action. Whatever you’re doing, do it with Touch Stay by your side! An elegant, accessible guidebook app alternative.

  • Sleek, intuitive design

  • Accessible on smartphones, tablets, & desktop (iOS & Android)

  • Available offline for off-grid scenarios

  • Automatically updates so users have the latest info

  • Spotlight your brand: include your logo, colours, and content

Welcome to Touch Stay

Still have questions about how Touch Stay works?

Don’t worry! We’ve created a video to help you understand everything there is to know about Touch Stay digital guidebooks.