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Add some oomph to your campaigns!

You don’t have time for anything other than powerful information-sharing. You’ve got too much good to do.

With our non-profit discount, you can leave behind time-consuming communications and reach even more people.


Simplify your information-sharing

Share all your information from one hub. Update existing donors about fresh fundraising campaigns. Create educational resources that anyone can access (from anywhere!). Give team members, partners, and the public everything they need to know at the click of a link.

  • Share all your info on one centralised platform

  • Easily update content when things change

  • Help users to orient themselves with the Map tab

  • Control when info becomes visible to guidebook users

  • Conveniently translate content into multiple languages

See what your users will see

Check out the digital guidebook examples below from organisations who are already reaching more eyes and ears.

No more fading into the background. Get big & loud with Touch Stay. 


Give everyone what they need

Bon voyage to puzzled volunteers & overstretched employees. Fuel their enthusiasm with updatable information at their fingertips. Create an environment that benefits everyone and your cause.

  • Share the link to your guidebook via our email/SMS

  • Or add the link to your existing communications

  • Use deep links to direct supporters to the juicy details


Show the world what you can do

Complement the effort & skill you put into your campaigning with a sleek, professional communications platform. Force the world to pay attention, and give your hard work the finishing touch it deserves – with Touch Stay by your side!

  • Sleek, intuitive design

  • Your branding shines – spotlight your logo & colours

  • Works on smartphones, tablets, & desktops

  • No downloads required

  • Available offline for off-grid scenarios

Welcome to Touch Stay

Still have questions about how Touch Stay works?

Don’t worry! We’ve created a video to help you understand everything there is to know about Touch Stay digital guidebooks.


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