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Airbnb owner’s manual: create guidebooks for owner businesses

Your guests already love Touch Stay. Now let’s wow your owners!


Answer the plethora of questions

Cut owner phone calls and emails. Provide the answers upfront and ongoing in their very own beautiful owner app. They can even save it to their phone for fast access!

  • How do I get paid?
  • What happens if there is damage?
  • Can I use the property when it’s not rented out?
  • Who do I talk to about changes of bed configuration?
  • Can you send me a copy of my contract?
  • Why is my pricing different on Airbnb?

Set boundaries

Set clear expectations for both owners and you. Clear lines of communication will eliminate owner texts at midnight with a marketing suggestion.

Create loyalty

Make your owners feel special. Provide them with their very own app containing valuable information. They won’t want to go anywhere else.

Consolidate information

Ditch the paper and consolidate your material into one single online location. Policies, processes, and contracts all at the touch of a button.

Simple Pricing

$499 per year for an unlimited number of owner manuals. Save time. Look professional. Create loyalty. Easy ROI 👍

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