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Digital RV guidebook & van rental manual app

Shake off time-consuming questions and ward off unnecessary dents and damages to your campervan or RV rental business.

Get ahead in the van rental game with a digital guidebook that makes even the most yawn-worthy policy look inviting. You read that right!

Use our easy-to-use templates to craft a user-friendly manual that keeps renters happy and protects your business - all while showcasing your brand.


Scrap painful renter communications with an RV guidebook

Don’t let dense instruction manuals and unread emails sabotage your renter relations. Regain time and energy with a flexible and buffed digital guidebook. The only difficulty you’ll have is deciding who loves it more – you, or your renters?!

  • Deliver practical info, policies & travel tips in one place

  • Answers renters’ questions via deep links & QR codes

  • Provide access before pick-up so renters arrive prepared

  • Available offline for off-grid adventurers

  • Spotlight your brand: include your logo, fonts, colours

See what your renters will see in the RV rental manual

Take a closer look at these digital guidebook examples from Touch Stay customers who are already delighting their renters.

Retire those crowded Word docs and endless emails! Bring Touch Stay into play.


Hang up on stressful insurance calls

Show renters exactly how you do things, and wave goodbye to damaged vans & painful insurance claims. If things do go wrong (because accidents happen!), you can demonstrate that you properly prepared your renters.

  • Group all your instructions in one place – renters can’t miss them

  • Include renter responsibilities and policies

  • Add instructional videos to clarify tricky processes/appliances


Your entire motorhome rental business explained

Worried you’ll have to spend hours inputting the same info for multiple vans? Never fear! Our 'Tags' system allows you to deploy content across multiple guidebooks at once, so you can get up and running ASAP.

  • Include a check-in template for all vans

  • Add any common rules at once

  • Add a drop-off checklist to all

  • Customise individual vans as needed

  • Instantly add recommended campgrounds to all guidebooks

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