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Rock Stars Community

The Rock Stars began as a private Facebook group where Touch Stay customers could swap ideas and ask questions, but it’s grown into so much more than that.

Discover the Touch Stay Rock Stars and join the conversation.

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Why we created the group

We like to think of ourselves as the guest communication experts. And yet our users are often more savvy than we are. We realised there was huge potential to unlock if we could connect our customers with one another!

So, we set up a Facebook group to help them:

  • access our expertise and give us feedback

  • swap ideas with other members for creative guidebook hacks

  • find community amongst other short term rental pros

Take a sneak peek

Have a glance at just a few of the ways our Rock Stars help each other out every day. From answering each others’ questions, to providing guidebook feedback, they’re quite the community.

Cheerleading you all

We’re all about helping you get the most from your guidebooks.

And, we want you to enjoy all the benefits of being part of Touch Stay, including being a valuable member of our community.

In the group we:

  • answer your Touch Stay questions

  • ask for your feature requests

  • share resources for you to use

  • provide feedback on your guidebooks

  • introduce new members each week

Lurk, learn or lead the conversation

Come connect with other users, owners, hosts, and managers, who are experiencing similar challenges as you and pick up tips from the guidebook pros!