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Insights that drive action

From a single dashboard, Touch Stay customers can access real time data to help make decisions that improve their guides and help them stand out.

Learn what guests love (or don’t!) about your guide and turn insights into action with Data Dashboard.



Use your words - or ours

Easily insert Touch Stay’s professionally written templates into your Memo messaging flow, or create a custom message for a new template all your own. Use Short Codes to pull data and personalise your messages with guest names, the name of the property and more.

Our templates anticipate the cornerstone moments when guests might want or need to hear from you, plus some extras along the way. So if you’re new to hosting and unsure what messages to send, don’t fret - we have your bases covered!

Send internal messages too

Memo is multi-functional! You can also use it to communicate with your team members. For example, you can set it to notify your housekeeping crew that a guest has checked out (or in). With many flexible options and use cases - too many to name here! - you can bring us your communication and workflow snags, and we’ll help you smooth them out with Memo.

Unlock insights

Gain a deeper understanding of how your audience interacts with your guides and which sections they view (and which they don’t!)

  • View unique visitors for a snapshot of guide impact

  • Track how view counts change over time

  • Filter data based on the what's most important to you

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Data-driven decisions

Replace guesswork with useful data to understand which guide sections get the love and which need a helping hand to improve audience satisfaction. - what info to surface

  • See exactly which parts of your guide are being viewed

  • Identify the content you need to surface & share better

  • Unlock a better understanding of what your guests want

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Competitive edge

See how your guidebook performs against the average for guest satisfaction.

  • Track how your audience feedback compares to the average

  • Refine your guides based on real time usage and engagement metrics

  • Stand out in a crowded market with guides you KNOW make an impact

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Data Dashboard webinar

Check out this online session, hosted by Emma, our Head of Product Marketing, where she gives a full rundown of the Data Dashboard's powerful features. Watch here:

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