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Customer stories: Touch Stay in play

Need a bit of proof in the pudding? There’s plenty on offer. These users demonstrate how different people use Touch Stay to enhance their business.

Read about how businesses like yours found a solution in our digital guidebooks to help them thrive.


Alastair MacFarlane

Significantly reducing queries

“Touch Stay’s guides have emerged as a game-changer - significantly reducing the influx of guest queries and unnecessary correspondence. The positive feedback from guests has been overwhelming.”

Alastair MacFarlane - Juniper Property Services

Dale Smith

A more efficient team

“Selecting Touch Stay was a no-brainer. We can be so much more efficient and our guests are so satisfied with the information we provide to them through the guides. The overall value is the time it frees up for the team.”

Dale Smith - Owner of Host & Stay

Robin Bass

Reclaiming time for creativity

“Touch Stay is such a great tool. I’m not in survival mode anymore. The day-to-day is taken care of, so I can breathe and let my creative juices flow again! Guests are loving it and my calls have decreased 50%.”

Robin Bass - Owner of Premier Properties

Steph Utterback

Stress-free check-ins

“We used to have a physical welcome book but in a city where things constantly change, we knew we needed a digital solution. The guidebooks are so shareable and make the guest journey easier. The stress of check-in for us is totally gone.”

Steph Utterback - CEO of Epicbnb

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