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Webinar: how to communicate more, yet do less

Find out how you can get more guests by communicating more – yet doing less. We chat with experts from the Australian Regional Tourism & Reddendale Media. 


Thanks for joining the conversation

Thanks for joining our panellists, Andy and Hazel for our webinar:

How to communicate more, yet do less.

We’ve added a recording of the event in case you missed it or want to revisit some of the points we discussed. It was a lively discussion with industry friends in Australia, Catharine Redden, Michelle Reynolds and Ali Uren – with more than a handful of ideas to try in your own accommodation operation.



Webinar highlights:

  • 04:58 What lessons have you learned about communicating with and managing guests?
  • 08:38 Lessons learned in communicating more effectively
  • 11:28 Repetition is your friend
  • 13:08 Dealing with vacation brain
  • 17:55 Getting help with writing & templates
  • 21:05 Using communication to attract ideal guests
  • 26:15 How do we need to change how we communicate in a Covid world?
  • 32:40 Managing perceptions and building trust
  • 35:35 Playing to your “Unique Emotional Proposition”
  • 37:30 Why do you communicate with guests so much?
  • 41:40 How to avoid harassing the guest
  • 52:38 How to handle communications around breakages and reviews

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