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AMA: how to use floor plans in vacation rental marketing

 We talk to Rebecca Lombardo from TruPlace about how you can use floor plans to attract guests to your property and set accurate expectations. 


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Here’s a recording of our chat with Rebecca. Or, head over to our blog to read a summary of the juiciest details. We’ve also picked out the AMA highlights and their timings below.


The juicy snippets

Why and how to use floor plans in vacation rental marketing

How you can use Touch Stay with TruPlace

Key takeaways:

Everybody wants the guest to have a good experience start to finish, but I don’t know if everybody realises the experience actually starts online” – Rebecca

“A reminder of exactly how the property looks before you show up is good because it prevents fighting – it’s hard for everyone to have a good time if you show up to the property and people start fighting over the rooms! We prevent fights. We share that link out and everybody can claim their room” – Rebecca

“We’ve learned that a floor plan keeps visitors on the website for 3 – 10 minutes which is fantastic, from an SEO perspective and from the perspective of getting guests engaged.” – Rebecca

“One of the aspects of guest experience is helping people to figure out exactly where things are in the home. Photos are fine, but being able to orient yourself in the exact place is so much more powerful” – Andy

“The photos are for marketing the property, they sell it to people. The floorplan is information. You’re giving people information and gorgeous marketing visuals.” – Rebecca

AMA highlights:

  • 00:44 – An intro to TruPlace

  • 01:46 – Conveying unusual property layouts to guests

  • 02:40 – The power play of floor plans in vacation rental marketing

  • 03:19 – Using TruPlace with Touch Stay

  • 05:31 – How floor plans can help you to attract prospective guests

  • 06:48 – The process of creating an interactive floor plan

  • 08:14 – The expanding range of guests staying in short term rentals

  • 09:33 – How photos and floor plans work together to entice guests

  • 10:11 – Using floor plans to capture users’ attention



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