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Guest upsells: how to wow guests & increase revenues


Discover how you can introduce upselling into your vacation rental business, and learn how it can make your guests happy while increasing your revenue.

We speak about the power of visuals & persuading guests to stay longer. Join us for a fresh perspective on how your visuals can help get you more bookings.

Thanks for joining the conversation

Thanks for joining our panellists, Andy, and Tyann for our webinar “Guest Upsells – how to wow guests and increase revenues”

We’ve added a recording of the event in case you missed it or want to revisit some of the points we discussed.


Webinar highlights:

  • 03:30 How to turn guest requests for recommendations into an upsell opportunity
  • 09:35 Understand what customers want in order to define what you can upsell to them
  • 13:10 Manually working with partners
  • 14:08 Using digital guidebooks to communicate upsells and promote other local businesses
  • 15:40 Guests don’t feel they’re being upsold to if they’re having the best possible experience
  • 16:31 A story about the realities of reciprocity and handshake arrangements in the UK
  • 19:48 How businesses in the USA use digital platforms to organise affiliate recommendation schemes 
  • 23:12 Using OpenTable’s API for restaurant recommendations
  • 23:33 How recommendations on your website can help it rank in search too
  • 27:32 Following the digital user experience so you know if it’s compatible with your preferred guest experience
  • 33:00 Persuading restaurants to provide incentives
  • 37:00 Percentage earnings from affiliate relationships
  • 39:50 Uber, Lift and grocery concierge services
  • 49:12 Online souvenir shops

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