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AMA: tips & tools for RV rental manual success


Find out what you should be thinking about if you’re considering renting out your motorhome and creating your own RV rental manual. Get top rental tips from Jessa Brown, an RV pro.


Thanks for joining the conversation

Thanks for joining Andy and Tyann for our AMA: Touch Stay x Outdoorsy – tips and tools for RV rental success.

We’ve added a recording of the event in case you missed it or want to revisit some of the points we discussed. You can also head over to the blog to see our key takeaways: 8 tips for renting out your RV

We’ve also picked out the AMA highlights and their timings below.



Key takeaways:

Going into this business accepting that you have clients who are driving a house through an earthquake, and that things are going to go wrong, is probably the most significant switching of your attitude that you can go through – Jessa

It’s suddenly dawned on me just how otherworldly it is for a renter to step into an RV for the first time – Andy

Touch Stay is your road trip safety blanket – Jessa

The smallest mistake with the biggest price tag, that we see the most often, is putting the wrong type of fuel into the RV – Jessa

I think we’ve just described my 2022. I’m going to be renting an RV with Outdoorsy next year, and then I might be buying one! – Tyann

RV Rental Manual

AMA highlights:

  • 01:10 – a little bit about Outdoorsy
  • 05:00 – the importance of a positive attitude in RV/campervan rental
  • 06:35 – mitigating risks for your RV/campervan rental business
  • 08:54 – setting renter expectations
  • 10:25 – how Touch Stay helps RV/campervan owners and renters
  • 14:38 – why Outdoorsy manages its own RVs – the importance of knowing your product
  • 17:00 – the profit potential of an RV/campervan rental business
  • 19:45 – the importance of self-belief in RV/campervan rental
  • 21:50 – how RV/campervan owners support first-time renters
  • 25:28 – the most common renter mistake
  • 26:35 – how Outdoorsy manages liabilities
  • 27:53 – Jessa’s 2022 RV/campervan predictions
  • 31:20 – Outdoorsy options for renters who prefer not to drive
  • 32:25 – Jessa’s advice for any RV/campervan owner who is nervous about renting
  • 35:58 – which RV should a family start out with?
  • 37:00 – Outdoorsy’s resources for first-time renters
RV Rental Manual

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