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Webinar: attract guests using photos, videos & floor plans

Discover the power of visuals when it comes to getting longer bookings! We chat with a range of industry professionals who know exactly what a guest wants from visuals.


Thanks for joining the conversation

Thanks for joining our panellists, Andy, and Tyann for our webinar “How to use photos, videos and floor plans to attract more guests & sell more nights”.

We’ve added recording of the event in case you missed it or want to revisit some of the points we discussed.



Webinar highlights:

  • 03:18 How would you describe the power of visuals for your business?
  • 07:35 What’s the cost and the ROI of floor plans and virtual tours?
  • 20:50 How best to sequence visuals for guests
  • 29:55 Whether or not to include seasonal photos
  • 31:10 People in photos
  • 34:40 Integrating virtual tours with Google my Business listings
  • 38:30 How visuals convey the guest experience to persuade prospective guests
  • 39:45 Photographing Christmas decorations
  • 41:40 Virtual souvenir stores and visuals
  • 42:38 What’s the single most important visual tool?
  • 46:10 Considering what visuals you use depending on where your bookings are coming from
  • 50:35 Using video in reply to guest questions and as part of pre-stay communications


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