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Webinar: tackling climate change while encouraging travel

To honour Earth Day and our own eco commitments, we speak to industry friends about their passion for sustainability, social responsibility & the environment.


In honour of Earth Day and to reflect our recent commitment to the climate emergency, we hosted a panel of industry friends who share a passion for sustainability, social responsibility and the environment.

If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room. – Anita Roddick


We chatted to vacation rental professionals and sustainability strategists who put the climate emergency front and centre in their marketing and guest experience in return for guest loyalty and repeat bookings.

Hosted by Andy McNulty and Tyann Marcink from Touch Stay, creators of the digital guidebook.


Questions answered during the webinar:

  • 6:09 Why is sustainability at the heart of your business?
  • 27:12 Beyond environment, what other social responsibility things can we do?
  • 52:48 What’s your one low hanging fruit to do right now for sustainability or social responsibility?
  • 58:30 As responsible operators, would you encourage peers to take up the sustainability mantle or prefer to keep your competitive edge?

Resources mentioned:


Over the last few months, we’ve noticed an increasing number of guests favouring brands and businesses that include a layer of social responsibility as part of their brand message.

As part of our digital guest welcome books, we’ve created a Making a Difference section to our guides – to help hosts share their social responsibility causes more easily too. You can start sharing yours today.


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