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Master Touch Stay: build guides faster and discover features that delight guests

Fresh off the success of hosting our recent guest experience workshop in Barcelona, Touch Stay’s wunderkind and Head of Product Marketing, Emma, returns for our latest webinar.

During the online session, Emma demonstrates how easy it is to build guidebooks fast. Plus, she covers all the latest Touch Stay features that not only save you time, but also delight guests!

Watch the 'Master Touch Stay' webinar here, or read on for key takeaways:

Timestamped insights

07:03📍Let guests easily find their way around your area: use Google Places to give guests real-time info about the recommendations you make in your guidebook.

29:41 📧 Capture guest emails for continued marketing: build your email list for future promotions and special offers.

31:30 🌦️ Enhance your guide with interactive features: add weather forecasts, tide times, and sustainability information to your guidebook.

34:55 🤖 Automate guest communication with Memo: schedule personalised emails and text messages to keep guests informed.

36:41 🧘 Manage reservations without extra software: simplify guest management by uploading reservation details from a CSV file.

43:28 📊 Unlock powerful new features: leverage Custom Elements, Data Dashboards, and Airbnb integration for deeper guest insights and a more seamless experience.

Unveiling the benefits: a look at Touch Stay's powerful features

Now, let's delve deeper into the features Emma highlights in the webinar and explore the benefits they offer to both vacation rental owners and guests.

Building relationships and boosting bookings: the power of guest emails

Collecting guest emails is a win-win for both vacation rental owners and guests. Touch Stay’s Email Capture feature allows owners to cultivate relationships with past guests, while offering guests valuable information and exclusive opportunities.

Benefits for owners: 

Build an email list to reach out to past guests with special offers, discounts, or updates on your property.

  • Example: offer a discount on their next stay
  • Highlight any property upgrades or renovations
  • Share upcoming local events or festivals

Benefits for guests:

  • Receive relevant information and promotions directly from the rental owner
  • Stay informed about potential savings on future stays
  • Learn about exciting events happening in the area during their planned visit

Enhancing the guest experience: interactive features with real-time benefits

Touch Stay goes beyond static information with interactive features that elevate the guest experience. By incorporating weather, tides, and sustainability elements, vacation rentals can empower guests with real-time information and eco-friendly choices.

Benefits for owners:

  • Reduce guest inquiries about basic information by providing real-time weather and tide details
  • Showcase your commitment to sustainability with eco-friendly tips and information
  • Earn recognition from environmentally conscious guests
  • Potentially attract a new segment of eco-tourists

Benefits for guests:

Access up-to-date weather forecasts for planning activities:

  • Decide between packing for sunny days or rainy afternoons
  • Plan outdoor adventures or adjust itineraries based on weather conditions

Learn about local tide patterns, especially relevant for beach rentals:

  • Plan beach activities around high or low tide for optimal enjoyment

Make informed choices about eco-friendly practices during their stay:

  • Reuse towels and linens as suggested by the guidebook
  • Learn about recycling options or local sustainability initiatives

Streamlining communication and guest engagement: the power of automating messages

Clear and timely communication is key to a successful vacation rental experience. Touch Stay's Memo feature allows owners to automate guest communication, saving them time while keeping guests informed and engaged throughout their stay.

Benefits for owners:

  • Save time by automating pre-arrival instructions, check-in details, and local recommendations
  • Increase guest engagement with timely and personalised messages
  • Use high open-rate text messages to bypass spam folders

Benefits for guests:

Receive important information promptly and conveniently:

  • Easily access check-in instructions and Wi-Fi passwords upon arrival
  • Refer back to the guidebook for recommendations throughout their stay

Feel informed and prepared for their arrival, while enjoying a more personalised and interactive guest experience:

  • Receive text message or email reminders about local events or activities
  • Appreciate the owner's attentiveness to their needs

Simplifying guest management: easy reservation handling

Managing reservations can be a time-consuming task for vacation rental owners. Touch Stay offers an alternative to additional software by allowing owners to upload reservation details directly.

Benefits for owners:

Simplify guest management by uploading reservation details from a CSV file:

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry across multiple platforms
  • Save time and reduce the risk of errors

Track guidebook link clicks to see which guests are accessing your guide:

  • Gauge guest engagement and identify areas for improvement within the guidebook

Benefits for guests:

  • Enjoy a seamless booking and check-in process

Beyond the basics: unleashing the power of Custom Elements

Touch Stay's Custom Elements take the digital guidebook to a whole new level. By integrating third-party services directly into the guidebook, owners can offer guests an unparalleled level of convenience and personalisation.

Benefits for owners:

Embed third-party services into your guidebook for a more comprehensive and interactive experience.

  • Offer guests walking tours directly through the guidebook using AllTrails
  • Upsell local products or experiences through a marketplace powered by Jotform
  • Include custom playlists curated for the rental property using Spotify
  • Gather valuable guest feedback through Google Forms
  • Showcase 3D virtual tours with Matterport
  • Provide a curated music experience with Apple Music playlists

Benefits for guests:

Access a wealth of information and resources directly within the guidebook:

  • Plan activities and explore the surrounding area with ease
  • Feel more connected to the local scene and hidden gems

Data-driven optimisation: insights for an enhanced guest experience

Data is king in the vacation rental industry. Touch Stay's Data Dashboard empowers owners to analyse guest interactions with their guidebook/s, providing valuable insights to optimise the experience for future guests.

Benefits for owners:

Analyse how guests interact with your guidebook over time:

  • Identify which sections are most popular and which ones might need improvement

Track guide views and compare your performance to Touch Stay averages:

  • Gain valuable insights to optimise your guidebook and guest experience

Benefits for guests:

  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of the guidebook through their interactions.

For more info on the Data Dashboard, check out our previous webinar.

Simplifying life for Airbnb hosts: seamless integration with Touch Stay

For vacation rental owners who use Airbnb without a property management system (PMS), managing guest communication can be cumbersome. Touch Stay's Airbnb integration offers a solution, streamlining communication and data transfer between platforms.

Benefits for owners (without a PMS):

Automate guest messaging for Airbnb hosts without a property management system:

  • Reduce manual work and streamline communication with guests

Link your Airbnb account to Touch Stay for seamless data transfer:

  • Reservation details automatically populate within Touch Stay

Send personalised guidebook links and track guest engagement:

  • Ensure guests have access to all the information they need for their stay

Benefits for guests:

  • Receive a user-friendly guidebook specifically tailored to the vacation rental
  • Enjoy a more informed and enjoyable stay


By leveraging these powerful features, Touch Stay empowers vacation rental owners to create a more informative and engaging guest experience, while also streamlining communication and saving them valuable time. Ultimately, this leads to happier guests and a more successful vacation rental business!

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