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How to use Memo to transform your guest communications

Memo is a flexible and user-friendly tool that helps with guest communications by allowing users to easily build and personalise messages, schedule and automate their delivery, and track guest engagement.

Memo also integrates with other features in Touch Stay, such as Deep Links and Custom Elements to enhance guest relationships and improve overall guest experience.

Emma, Touch Stay's Head of Product Marketing, and Tyann, Touch Stay's Queen of Guest Experience, recently hosted an online session to discuss exactly how Memo works and break down just how easy it is to use.

Watch the full 20-minute session here or read on for key insights and takeaways:

Timestamped insights

00:01 📝 Memo simplifies guest communications and is suitable for both new and experienced hosts.

00:43 🗂️ Memo offers templates for easy setup and customisation options based on specific business needs.

01:25 📅 Users can schedule messages to be sent to primary guests or other recipients before or after the reservation window.

05:40 🔗 Memo messages can include unique trackable guidebook links, allowing hosts to monitor guest engagement.

07:45 💡 Memo can be used for more than just basic messaging, including upselling, gathering feedback, and managing check-ins.

08:14 📲 Text messages can be sent in addition to emails, and many guests prefer receiving texts.

12:20 ⚙️ Memo integrates with PMS solutions and booking platforms, making it easy to populate messages with reservation information.

Key takeaways

Reduce guest questions by proactively communicating. Guests love being spoon-fed information and recommendations. With Memo, you can do it on your terms. 

  • Flexibility and personalisation

Memo's templates and customisation options provide hosts with the flexibility to tailor their guest communications based on their unique business needs and the ability to personalise messages using booking information or custom fields.

  • Guest engagement tracking

The ability to track guest engagement with unique trackable guidebook links allows hosts to ensure their messages are being received and accessed, as well as identify any gaps in communication.

  • Importance of text messages

Text messages can be a valuable addition to email communications, as many guests prefer receiving texts and they offer high engagement rates with immediate visibility on guests' phones.

  • Targeted communication

Memo's Deep Links and Custom Elements enable hosts to direct guests to specific sections of their guidebook or offer additional services, enhancing the guest experience and fostering deeper connections.

  • Integration and automation

Memo seamlessly integrates with PMS solutions and booking platforms, allowing hosts to automate the sending of messages and populate them with reservation information, saving time and streamlining communication processes.

  • Enhancing check-in experience

Memo can be used to manage self-check-in processes, gather feedback, and address any issues or requests immediately after guests' arrival, ensuring a positive guest experience.

  • Business growth and repeat bookings

Memo's features, such as upselling and review site links, help hosts nurture guest relationships, promote repeat bookings, and drive guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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