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Touch Stay Academy: connect Touch Stay with Airbnb to simplify guest communication

Tired of managing bookings and guest communication across multiple channels? Touch Stay’s amazing Head of Product Marketing, Emma, recently welcomed Emily Tunggala of Hospitable Connect to explore Touch Stay’s exciting Airbnb integration.

The new partnership between Touch Stay and Hospitable allows a simple integration with Airbnb, letting hosts connect Airbnb listings to Touch Stay to automate guest communication and easily share their guidebooks with guests.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • How to effortlessly connect your Airbnb and Touch Stay accounts
  • Automated messaging templates with guest personalisation
  • Seamless sharing of your Touch Stay guidebooks within Airbnb
  • Additional features for personalised communication and guest feedback

Watch the full webinar here or read on for some of the key takeaways:

Airbnb x Touch Stay integration

  • Airbnb hosts can set up automated messaging flows to guests, including templates that include the guest's name, Airbnb host name, and a trackable Touch Stay guidebook link.
  • The integration is currently only available for Airbnb but may be expanded to other OTA platforms in the future.
  • The integration process is easy and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.
  • The connection process involves authorising Hospitable Connect to link the Airbnb account to Touch Stay, ensuring data security.
  • Message templates are provided specifically for Airbnb and can be customised with immediate scheduling and sending criteria.
  • The sync process automatically pulls new bookings from Airbnb into Touch Stay, eliminating duplicate messages.
  • The integration does not interfere with the Airbnb app, allowing hosts to continue using it freely while benefiting from Touch Stay's added functionality.

Touch Stay messaging features

  • Touch Stay offers five message templates to help hosts share their guidebook with guests.
  • Hosts can use SMS text messages to deepen relationships with guests and provide important information.
  • Touch Stay's SMS templates are fully editable and allow for personalisation using Custom Fields.
  • Hosts can send links to specific parts of their guidebook, manage upsells, and collect guest feedback through SMS.
  • Touch Stay's ‘First Impressions’ Special Topic allows hosts to check in with guests within 24 hours of their stay and collect feedback.

Hospitable Connect

  • Hospitable Connect is a partnership between Hospitable and Touch Stay that allows Airbnb hosts to connect their Touch Stay account to Airbnb without being a Hospitable customer.
  • The existing Airbnb templates that are part of the integration cannot be customised, but the text message templates are fully customisable.
  • Airbnb no longer provides hosts with guests' email addresses, but Touch Stay’s Email Capture feature allows hosts to collect guest email addresses.
  • Hosts can limit the access level of certain sections of their guidebook based on the booking dates of a guest, allowing them to hide sensitive information after the guest's stay.
  • Touch Stay is working on bringing in the ability to auto-populate more information from Airbnb into the Touch Stay guidebook, such as the main cover photo.
  • Touch Stay will auto-generate a new link per guest reservation.
  • Additional group members added to a booking by the guest will not receive Touch Stay memo messages, but hosts can place QR codes to the guide strategically around the property for easy access.

Additional information

  • Automated messages can be sent immediately or scheduled based on the guest's arrival or departure date.
  • Hosts can continue using direct text messaging before and during a guest's stay, but they can also direct guests to the Airbnb platform for questions.

By leveraging the power of Touch Stay's Airbnb integration, you can automate guest communication, and focus on what matters most – creating exceptional guest experiences that earn you rave reviews and boost your Superhost status. Take advantage of this valuable tool and watch your Airbnb hosting journey reach new heights!

Learn more about the Touch Stay x Airbnb integration.

Touch Stay x Airbnb


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